Truck specifications


  • Dimensions:  21′ long; 8′ wide; 11.5′ tall (antenna stowed)  Van fits within a single parking space.
  • Electrical requirements:  208-240V single phase 50 amp service.  4 wire; 2 hots, neutral, and ground.  We carry 150′ of entertainment grade feeder cable with adapters for Cam Locks, 50A Twist-Lock, 50A RV style, and bare wire pigtails. 
  • Onboard generator:  7kW Onan
  • RF:  2.4 meter antenna with feed-mounted solid state amplifiers.  Fully redundant.
  • Encoding:  (2) Adtec EN-81 encoders w/ BISS, 16 ch. audio, MPEG 4 or 2.  Adtec afiniti 8 channel encoding system.
  • Field connectivity:  Studio Technologies Live-Link system;  Telecast fiber system; numerous AJA FIDO converters.  1,750′ of TAC fiber.
  • Production support:  Panasonic AG-HMX100 video switcher (4 input).  Presonus RM16 digital audio mixer.  AJA Ki Pro.  Atomos Samauri.  Playout via dedicated Mac running Playback Pro.  2 channel RTS intercom and 4 channel IFB system.  4 hard-mounted cell phones w/ external antennas.